Only the best beans are chosen

Grown at high altitude in the shade

Final secret touch added in Florida by master roaster

The steps we go through to give you the best coffee in the world.

The plant matters that's why we grow the Arabica 

The coffee has to be grown and dried in the right location. 

  • Tropical
  • Mid-elevation mountainside.
  • Plenty of water with good drainage.
  • High humidity.
  • Relatively cool temperatures.
  • Rich, slightly acidic soil.

We then dry them in the beautiful Colombian sun. The drying operation is the most important stage of the process since it affects the final quality of the green coffee. A coffee that has been overdried will become brittle and produce too many broken beans during hulling.

Carefully selected & transported

We know that one bad bean can ruin the whole batch. This is why our farmers painstakingly remove any bean that does not meet our quality standards and only select the perfect bean for you.

  • We then vacuum seal the bags with gas release valves to ensure they arrive fresh, ready to be roasted when you place your order.

Masterfully roasted & sent to you.

You don’t want the student roasting your beans; you want the master. 

With 20 years of experience, our master roaster begins his secret roasting art (it’s so secret, he won't even tell us). All we know is it makes the coffee an experience you will remember. 

  • We only roast your beans when we receive your order. This ensures you receive the highest quality.
  • You then receive your order within 24 hours of roasting.

We believe in WIN/WIN/WIN.

You win because you get the best coffee in the world to enjoy every day.

Our farmers win because we ensure they are looked after and not forced to sell their farms.

We win by knowing you are receiving a coffee that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

We are an alliance of

  • Coffee Connoisseurs
  • Farmers
  • Master Roasters

Working together to bring you the worlds best coffee

Since its inception, we believe that what sets us apart from other general market and even premium coffees is that we are sourced directly from approximately 25 family farms in Colombia. 

Coffee is the oldest commodity still being traded. It has a very old-fashioned way of arriving in a consumer’s cup. There are several middlemen who all extract an economical and quality premium. The coffee grown on the tens of thousands of farms end up all mixed together. 

We are different.

Each of our coffee products will have the name of the family farm from which it was sourced.